Non Ex Factors

Non Ex Factors


98.5% Nonextraction Therapy

Using Coordinated Arch Development

by Raphael L. Greenfield, D.Ds, M.Sc.D.

The Textbook – Now in Digital eBook Format

Using more than 7,000 photographs and illustrations, and 1100 pages, Dr. Greenfield reveals the principles and methods necessary to properly diagnose and treat the most difficult nonextraction cases with the utmost confidence. If properly timed, the clinician will possess the knowledge to treat greater than 90% of his cases with a time tested (60 years), nonextraction approach.

Dr. Greenfield has combined his clinical expertise obtained from treating more than 10,000 nonextraction cases in 30 years of private practice using the Coordinated Arch Development® philosophy & technique, along with his extensive research and exposure to hundreds of Dr. Norman Cetlin’s successfully treated nonextraction cases more than 25 years out of retention.

The textbook includes a reference library of 48 nonextraction cases with flowcharts, emphasizing the versatility, stability, and optimal dental and facial esthetics of this philosophy.

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