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The Case Study Library

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Dr. Greenfield’s world renowned textbook “Non Ex Factors” includes more than 58 Case Studies. They illustrate in vivid detail the principles and techniques required to properly diagnose and treat the most challenging nonextraction cases.  Additional cases will be added to the library by Dr. Greenfield over time.  All cases have been time tested 60+ years with a nonextraction approach that is presented in’s website.

Using the Coordinated Arch Development® philosophy and technique, Dr. Greenfield has combined his clinical expertise in nonextraction orthodontics from 30+ years of private practice with his extensive research and exposure to hundreds of Dr. Norman Cetlin’s successfully treated nonextraction cases more than 25 years out of retention.

The Case Library includes 2 Sections of Case Studies:

  1. Textbook Cases
  2. Technique Cases

Also included in the NextOrtho Libraries are:

  • Video Techniques Library
  • Treatment Flowcharts
  • Glossary of Abbreviations

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