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    Using more than 7,000 photographs and illustrations, and 1100 pages, Dr. Greenfield reveals the principles and methods necessary to properly diagnose and treat the most difficult nonextraction cases with the utmost confidence.

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    The NextOrtho Video Library, accessible for free to all members, includes Dr. Greenfield’s unique approach to nonextraction treatment as well as other complementary techniques provided by experts in their respective fields of dentistry.

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    In his 1100 page book, Dr. Greenfield shares his nonextraction principles and techniques with over 7,000 photographs and illustrations. Buy it now and you can download it immediately.

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    • Free and complete access to a library of videos illustrating all facets of Dr. Greenfield’s “Coordinated Arch Development®” (CAD) techniques for nonextraction treatment are presented in vivid detail for our members.
      • How to reduce treatment time up to 50% for all types of malocclusions.
      • Which factors are required for optimum function, ideal dental & facial esthetics and long term stability.
      • Why expansion & distalization of posterior segments must be done simultaneously.
      • How to control anchorage & efficiently retract, intrude & torque anterior segments.
      • How to coordinate upper & lower arch development simultaneously.
      • How to apply TADS to facilitate nonextraction treatment.

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